Max profit is an agency specialized in accounting, bookkeeping and business consulting services for small, medium and large companies. We are professional accounting agency that is fully focused on the needs and wishes of our clients. The founder of the agency is MA in Economics, Milena Braic, an authorized accountant and certified appraiser, with extensive experience in accounting and bookkeeping, internal and external controls and financial reporting for owners and managers of large companies.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are the core activities of an agency that continually improves processes and achieves daily up-to-date bookkeeping and reporting. Each accounting information must primarily be in the function of managers and entrepreneurs as a guideline for improving the business, and not just the number on paper submitted to the legislator.

In each accounting period, a report on the status and performance of the business is created, so that clients can plan and make business decisions on time.

The bookkeeping services of the agency are performed in a quality and up-to-date manner, in accordance with the Accounting and Auditing Law, and other relevant regulations and laws of Montenegro.

Accounting follows the entire process of work in the company, and within it all assets and sources of funds, as well as all income and expenses are recorded on the basis of appropriate documentation of the resulting business changes, which can be expressed in cash.

The Agency has a reliable bookkeeping program, licensed by the Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro, which has the possibility of adding new versions that are aligned with the legal changes.

Business Consulting

Max profit provides professional business counseling throughout the year, with a mandatory written statement on the keeping of business secrets, answers all questions that a client can encounter in everyday business.

Our company implements strategies that reduce tax exposure and improve performance.

Tax experts of the company are up to date with changing and complex rules of tax regulations. With clients, company fully cooperates in planning tax solutions and lead them on the road to success. Max Profit Agency acts on behalf of the client and actively cooperates with all controls of the tax inspection.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting belongs to a group of the latest types of accounting, and relates to problems such as theft, embezzlement or lack of accounting documentation. In such unforeseen situations, Max Profit Agency finds a way to help the client detect fraud, without involving a client in an investigation, because in such cases, one often needs an objective, since people from the company can not rationally look at the whole picture of the event.

The advantage of Max Profit’s bookkeeping agency in relation to competition is that there is always time to advise, explain and get acquainted with the company owner in his business issues.

Max profit agency is located in Budva, street Rozino II, store 1. Meetings, consultations and download of documentation are done in their premises, but employees are ready to come to the client’s business premises at any time.

The goal

Max Profit Agency is to meet the needs of existing and future clients while creating new permanent partnerships.


is to provide high quality services in the field of bookkeeping and accounting, business consulting and accounting forensics and thus help clients optimize their private and business goals.



Milena Braic


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